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For lessons and more information about the Alexander Technique, email Bloomsbury Alexander Centre call 020 7404 5348 or simply drop in at the centre - there is nearly always someone there.

If you are a teacher of the Alexander Technique, you are welcome to make contact with a view to joining us. We have three rooms dedicated to the teaching of the technique and a team of about a dozen teachers. Generally we can find room on the timetable for a new teacher. If you are interested, contact the director of the centre, Natacha Osorio, either by phone on 020 8374 3184 or by email at Natacha Osorio

We also manage a therapy practice next door to the centre, dedicated to the talking therapies. You can find out more about the therapy centre at Bloomsbury Therapy Centre If you are a therapist and you might be interested in working at the therapy practice, contact the manager, either by phone on 020 8374 3184 or by email at BTC.